Democracy Debate:

Pair of national figures discuss strategy of imposing democracy on nations around the world


Recently, engaged U.S. citizens have questioned former President George W. Bush’s strategy of promoting democracy around the world as a way to promote peace and stability. Lake Oswego resident and former four-star Gen. Merrill “Tony” McPeak and Paul Wolfowitz, former deputy secretary of defense under President Bush, discussed the issue in the broader sense at a Monday evening symposium at Lewis and Clark College.

The event headlined the 48th annual International Affairs Symposium. It is the longest run student-led symposium in the nation. The three-day event titled, “Global (Dis)order: Searching for Solutions in a Changing World,” invited speakers from all over the nation to speak on topics such as nuclear proliferation, global power struggles and east-west dynamics.

McPeak and Wolfowitz spoke from two different philosophical backgrounds. While equally rooted in the usefulness of democracy to foster international cooperation, they disagreed on how much intervention should be done by the U.S. to prompt other nations to adopt a democratic government.



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