SUMMER PRODUCE: Strawberry fields

I am on my way to accomplishing at least one summer goal. Yesterday I went strawberry picking with two friends at Sauvie Island Farms. I picked 12 pounds and am still in the process of figuring out what I am going to do with them all. For now, I froze most of them, but I will likely make some preserves and maybe fruit leather. And of course, I can’t forget the (hopefully) endless number of smoothies from now until next summer. I aim to preserve enough fruit and veggies to last us through the winter. (Not that we won’t purchase other produce over the winter, but perhaps I hope to supplement that with local produce as much as possible).

For the last few years I have been reading and learning about the benefits of organic produce and am additionally becoming a believer in the slow food movement. So I hope to carry on the traditions of our grandmothers by learning the art of preserving food.

The more of it I pick personally, the better it will be for my pocketbook. But I also plan to hitting up farmer’s markets to get as much local produce as I can. I think shopping locally is a two-for-one punch when you’re buying from farmers. Not only are you financially supporting farmers, but you are also taking the time to learn about what grows in your region and in what season. This generation has become so disconnected from the land and its bounty. We can have whatever we want when we want it. But reality is that seasonal fruits and veggies are so much better!


One thought on “SUMMER PRODUCE: Strawberry fields

  1. I combined the strawberries with rhubarb for jam, but I decided to try a no sugar add version. I don’t think I’ll do that again with rhubarb. It turned out pretty tart. I used apple juice to sweeten it, but I’d add some other form of sweetener next time even it it wasn’t sugar.

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