Tomatoes and Avocados

I just have to rave about how incredibly cool it is to see progress being made in just one person’s life because of you. At Christmas time, a few people in my family pitched in to give a loan to Julián Solóranzo Espinosa through World Vision Micro. I wanted to give to a farmer because my dad grew up on a farm in North Dakota. Julián farms tomatoes and avocados in Mexico (I also love tomatoes and avocados).

With $300, he purchased 100 avocado trees and 600 tomato plants. It will take the trees a few years to start producing fruit, but the tomatoes are paying off right now. He has already paid off 56 percent of the loan, and when it is paid off that money will go to fund other loans for more entrepreneurs in developing countries.

I am definitely doing this again this Christmas! Hopefully, more people will join me. Check out his profile at: and sign up to give your own loan.


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