In my queue

I’ve got a number of films on my radar to watch. Some are based on my attempts at learning Spanish, and others are based on my desire to learn about the world. Here’s what’s on my radar and how I plan to watch it.

Black Gold (2006)

Since coffee is a drink I consume (perhaps) too often, I’d love to learn about the inequalities in the coffee industry. This documentary is set in Ethiopia and follows an indigenous fair trade crusader as he works to bring change to policies of the World Trade Organization.

Where I plan to watch it: Netflix


Como Agua Para Chocolate РLike Water for Chocolate (1992)

This is reputed to be one of the best Spanish-language films. Set in Mexico, Tita is forbidden to marry Pedro because according to tradition her older sister must marry first. When Pedro marries her sister, she is heartbroken and throws herself into her cooking.

Where I plan to watch it: Netflix

Other Spanish-language that I’d recommend: Motorcycle Diaries (2004), Maria Full of Grace (2004), Under the Same Moon (2007)


Beer Wars (2009)

Since I hail from the microbrew capital of the world, why wouldn’t I like to see the David and Goliath story of the beer industry? This documentary portrays how independent breweries compete with huge beer corporations, such as Budweiser and Miller. The story is told by two independent brewers who are crafting more innovative, better tasting beers.

Where I plan to watch it: Netflix

Other films that I’d recommend: Fast Food Nation (2006)


The Garden (2008)

In this documentary, a group of low-income families struggle to protect an urban farm from real estate developers in the middle of Los Angeles. Farmers go from relying on food stamps to growing their own food. Yet the farm’s location in the middle of the urban landscape is also a prime spot for the city of Los Angeles to plan warehouses.

Where I plan to watch it: Netflix

Other documentaries that I’d recommend: Food Inc. (2008)


Zanzibar Soccer Queens

Women who play soccer in Zanzibar, an island in East Africa that is predominately Muslim, are challenging the traditional role of women. This documentary follows the team Women Fighters, who are determined to shape new identities for themselves.

Where I plan to watch it: Portland Community College library collection

For more information visit:

Other documentaries that I’d recommend: Pray the Devil Back to Hell (2008)


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