Conscious consumers

I’ve been trying to make ethical decisions when I shop rather than just buy things to meet my needs. Its a slow process of change as I uncover the ways in which products are made as well as find small businesses that are contributing positively to the world around us. Join me on my discovery!

Piece by Piece

AUGUST 2, 2010: I may not own an old home (yet), but I found this whole process of deconstruction fascinating. I’m hoping that I can write about it again in bureaucracy time if the city of Lake Oswego chooses to move forward to incorporate sustainability in the development code. It did also bring some questions to mind regarding new LEED certified buildings (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design). How “green” is it to tear down a building and construct a newer building with environmentally efficient  technology? How do we make it easier to preserve a building instead? Read my article here.

JUNE 20, 2010: I am on my way to accomplishing at least one summer goal. Yesterday I went strawberry picking with two friends at Sauvie Island Farms. I picked 12 pounds and am still in the process of figuring out what I am going to do with them all. For now, I froze most of them, but I will likely make some preserves and maybe fruit leather. And of course, I can’t forget the (hopefully) endless number of smoothies from now until next summer. I aim to preserve enough fruit and veggies to last us through the winter. (Not that we won’t purchase other produce over the winter, but perhaps I hope to supplement that with local produce as much as possible). MORE

Out of Print

APRIL 10, 2010: I got a press release at the Review about these shirts designed by Out of Print. Apparently the founders went to grade school in Lake Oswego. Anyway, their shirts are great, and for each shirt sold, one book is donated to Books for Africa. My only complaint is that none of the shirts feature any of my favorite classics. Jane Austen, anyone?


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